Child and Youth Strategy

The Child and Youth Strategy (CYS) is an attempt to take a comprehensive, multi-layered, inter-sectoral approach to providing services and supports for the well-being of children, youth and families across Nova Scotia. It is intended to achieve substantial results through incremental change and collaborative action. It builds on what is already working, while introducing new concepts, practices, and service-delivery models. Youth engagement is one of the cornerstones of its approach.

The CYS was one of the recommendations made by Justice Merlin Nunn as a result of his inquiry into the tragic death of Theresa McEvoy (October 14, 2004).

The governance structure for the CYS consists of County Partner groups at the Community Level (such as Pictou County Partners), a regional leadership table (made up of senior managers from Health and Wellness, Justice, Education and Community Services), and a provincial table of executive management from those same departments.

The CYS is led by a 5-Year Plan, which currently has 4 focus areas, including: youth engagement, collaborative service delivery, horizontal practices, and data collection/evaluation and sharing protocols.



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