About Us

Pictou County Partners For Children and Youth

Working in collaboration, Pictou County Partners for Children and Youth promotes the healthy development and well being of children, youth (0-19 years) and their families.

Children and youth are intrinsically valuable and represent the future of our communities and society.

Many factors influence the development of our children and youth. Effective approaches must address the Determinants of Health.

Early intervention with children, youth and their families promotes positive development, builds on individual, family and community strengths and reduces the potential negative effects of acute and chronic conditions.

Prevention, early intervention and transition initiatives decrease the negative impacts to society.

Collaboration and partnership ensures services and programs are effectively developed, imple-mented and evaluated. Coordination enhances delivery of programs and services and promotes the efficient use of resources.


  1. Foster and develop partnerships and build collaboration among members and other key stake-holders in our communities.
  2. Initiate and enhance services with an emphasis on early intervention, prevention and transition initiatives for children and youth.
  3. Address the needs of children, youth and families in our own organization.
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